ICS Part 11 Chapter 2


SDLC Objectives

The SDLC methodology will help achieve these goals by:

  •  Establishing correct level of management authority to provide timely system development project direction, coordination, control, review, and approval..
  • Ensuring project management accountability.
  • Documenting requirements and maintaining trace ability of those requirements throughout the development and implementation process.
  • Ensuring that projects are developed within the current and planned information technology infrastructure.
  • Identifying project risks early

Who are the stakeholders in the software development process?

The term “stakeholder” refers to people or groups that are affected by a software. In any case, they are interested in the final product.

Stakeholders can tell a company what software is needed and suggest ideas for features as well as problems to be solved. They can also create use case diagrams and workflows that define the user interface for new software.